Assessment of Pre-operative Anxiety for Caesarean Section: General versus Spinal Anaesthesia

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Objective: To observe the effect of anxiety level of pregnant
patients, for whom caesarean delivery was planned, on
the choice of anesthesia method (general versus spinal
Design: Prospective observational study
Setting: Bozok University, Medical Faculty, Department of
Anesthesiology, Yozgat, Turkey
Subjects: One hundred and fifty pregnant women
Intervention: Information about spinal anaesthesia and
general anaesthesia was given to all patients scheduled for
elective caserean section during pre-operative examinations
at the anaesthesia clinic. Primarily, spinal was suggested to
all patients in the absence of any contraindications. Patients
were then divided into 3 groups with 50 patients each:
patients who preferred spinal anesthesia (SA), patients who
preferred general anesthesia (GA) and a control group of
patients undergoing normal spontaneous vaginal delivery.
The Beck Anxiety Inventory (BAI) was applied to all patients
of the 3 groups in the pre-operative anesthesia clinic visit.
Main outcome measure: Preoperative evaluation of BAI
Results: BAI scores were significantly higher in the GA
group than SA (mean ± SD = 13.94 ± 7.81) and control group
(mean ± SD = 8.59 ± 3.79).
Conclusion: We detected that pregnant women with higher
anxiety levels preferred general anesthesia and patients with
lower anxiety levels preferred SA.


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